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How To Grow A Truly Great Beard

How to Grow a Truly Great Beard If you are wondering how to grow a truly great beard, the chances are you have not actually bothered to learn how to make a beard yourself. This is an important step because if you want your beard to grow, you will need to understand how to grow a beard properly. Find the right shape First, you will want to take a look at your face and figure out what shape you have. Most men have a round face, but it is possible to find a shape that you would like if you spend some time doing research.  You can find out by looking in magazines and asking people you know for advice, or even taking a look online at beard-growing websites. Healthy and Clean Beard The most basic thing you will need to know about growing a beard is to keep it trimmed, clean and healthy with castor oil for beard . It is important to clean your face regularly as this will prevent bacteria from developing and will make it easier for you to avoid having it damaged in the future. This should be d
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How To Look Good In Photos? 6 Professional Tips

HOW TO LOOK GOOD IN PHOTOS?  6 PROFESSIONAL TIPS You don't have to be a professional model to have a beautiful Instagram.  With a little study and effort , anyone can make cool photos.  Do not know where to start?  Relax.  Today we gathered here at Teaching Men's Lifestyle 6 tips on how to look good in photos .  Just take a look: 1 # CHOOSE A SCENERY WITH LOW VISUAL POLLUTION This is a detail that creates all the difference .  If you are in an ugly place, very visually polluted, there is no smile that can save you.  So take a good look at the environment before leaving for the click.  Minimalist scenery tends to result in better pictures. Look at the difference in these Beckham photos.  The look is beautiful in both cases, as well as his pose .  Only on the left there is a lot of visual pollution.  The yellow plate.  The wet floor.  Several posts.  The car with reflection.  Etc. This greatly damages the final result of the photograph.  If you can't find a beautiful

11 Tips For Amazing Male Curly Hair

11 tips for amazing male curly hair Tricks to care for, cut and treat curly men's hair.  With tips on which finishers to use and drying techniques. Let go of the idea that curly male hair is difficult to care for.  If you know the right tricks, it is guaranteed that the hair will be shiny, hydrated and, of course, with defined curls.  See below where tricks for curly male hair you should know. 1. Men's curly hair: straight cut If you want a haircut that enhances male curly hair, the best option for sure is a layered cut . 2. Mohawk, style to spare Anyone who thinks that the Mohawk haircut values ​​only straight or wavy hair is very wrong.  The fake Mohawk haircut is very stylish when used with well-defined curls.  To achieve the look, just ask the barber to pass the machine on the sides of the head and make the top higher. Also Check Out " Effects of Stress In Men ."  3. Hair hydrated again! Among the basic care for long curly male hair is hydration.  Including we

How To Trim Body Hair: Practical Tips For Men - TML

How to trim body hair: practical tips for men Every time you get in the shower , there is that question: "Trim hair, or not?".  Well, actually, you're asking yourself the wrong thing.  The question should be: "should I trim my body hair or is it better to leave it at that?"   If the initial question was really to trim or not, the answer would be much simpler: yes.   Male Hair Removal: Where To Trim And Where To Leave Hair - TML How To Be More Beautiful And Attractive - Tips To Put Into Practice - TML How To Get More Beautiful In 10 Steps - TML Trimming body hair is a much more practical, painless and easy to apply option on the day  after all, after all, you don't pluck or shave your hair, it just reduces all that volume and, therefore, you end up valuing your body more.   Never thought about taking care of body grooming?  Look, it’s really worth it, and we’ll show you practical tips for trimming your hair!   CHEST When a man thinks about trimming body hai

Male Hair Removal: Where To Trim And Where To Leave Hair - TML

Male hair removal: where to trim and where to leave hair Male waxing has rules that tell the parts of the body where hair is allowed and where they should be trimmed without mercy.  Do you know what those places are? Whether we like it or not, the fact is that today there is a code of conduct on the issue of male waxing .  Gone is the time when a man left his coat untouched and no one cared.  Hence the doubt: by the body, where to trim and where to leave?  Whether or not to leave the coat natural is no longer just a matter of taste, but of common sense.  In some parts of the body (such as under the arms and in the groin), undergrowth may not be a pleasant sight for some people. In places like the nose, eyebrows and ears, leaving too much hair is a crime to be pitied.  Chest, back, legs, that's up to you.  Hairs retain heat and contribute to increased sweating;  so trimming or removing the fur gives more comfort to those who sweat a lot, especially in the summer.  Not to mentio

How To Be More Beautiful And Attractive - Tips To Put Into Practice - TML

How to Get more Beautiful and Attractive - tips To put Into practice You may not think so, but there are a lot of "handsome" men around who are ugly and there are a lot of "ugly" men who are handsome and don't even know, or they just haven't noticed it yet. Either way, everyone has their beauty.  Really!  Just one lapping here and another there and everything changes. The real beauty, the one that matters, comes from something much bigger than the physical.  Before you want to change your appearance, become physically attractive, review your concepts and develop.  Self knowledge and self development is the first step in becoming beautiful and attractive.   The image comes from the inside out.  This you will understand with time. Another important point to highlight your real beauty is to take care of your health.  Self-knowledge and self-development come from the soul, health comes from the body and mind.  “Mens sana in corpore sano” - A healthy mind in a he