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How to wash and dry men's hair properly | 6 ways to keep hair intact

How to properly wash and dry men's hair | 6 Ways to Avoid Hair Damage

 It's a hassle to wash your hair well every day...  Are you washing properly?  I used to take a bath after returning home and it was customary to take a shower in the morning.  However, if you don't care how to wash and dry your hair, you may damage your hair or make the scalp environment worse and cause thinning hair.

 So in this article, I'm just as sloppy as I am to teach you how to wash and dry your hair without damaging it and maintaining a good scalp environment.

 Preparation before washing hair | Be careful not to damage your hair!

 You can reduce the damage to your hair and scalp by following the steps below when washing your hair.

 ● 1. Brush before washing

 Brush before you wash.  If you have a hairbrush or short hair, you can use your hand comb.

 Combing the hair in advance will allow passage of hot water, which prevents the hair from rubbing when washing hair, which helps prevent damage to the hair.  In addition, it also has the effect of removing dirt adhering to hair and scalp, so it is more effective to remove dirt by prewashing (cleaning) next.

 It may be difficult to feel the effect if the hair is not long enough to get entangled, but brushing can remove dandruff and sand that are hard to remove only with a shower, so it is constitutionally covered in sand by people or sports and play  Do not forget about people.

 Last but not least  Do not use too much force as brushing may damage your scalp.  You should also use a softer hairbrush.

 ●2. Pre-wash | Rinse thoroughly with hot water for 2-3 minutes before shampooing

 After brushing, the next step is prewashing.  Although it has already been mentioned, it is read as "yorai."

 Pre-washing means washing your hair and scalp only with hot water before using shampoo.  Just pre-washing will remove a lot of dirt such as sebum, sweat and dust on the scalp and hair, so first try washing for 2-3 minutes with just a shower.  In addition, opening the pores helps to remove dirt that could not be removed during pre-washing and helps when using shampoo.  The point when washing is to wash with hot water like a massage of the scalp.

 How to wash your hair and scalp with shampoo

How to wash your hair and scalp with shampoo

 ● 3. Wash with shampoo | Be aware of washing the scalp rather than hair

 After pre-washing, use shampoo next time.

 At that time, as well as pre-wash, let's wash by massaging with the finger pad.  Since most of the dirt (sebum, sweat, dust, etc.) on the hair has already been removed by pre-washing, be careful when using shampoo to remove the dirt from the pores that have floated during pre-washing.

 Some people put shampoo on the head in the liquid state, and whip it with their hair, but it may damage the hair by rubbing it, so make a fluffy foam with your hand or a commercially available whipping net before putting it on your head.  Let's keep in mind.

 If you apply the undiluted solution directly to your head, the cuticle covering the surface of your hair may be damaged.

 Cuticles have the effect of preventing the loss of protein and water inside the hair, so if they get hurt or peel off, cuticles will lose their luster and become dull.  It may invite you.  However, if you use a shampoo after lathering firmly, bubbles will enter the gaps between the hairs and will not damage the cuticle.

 Also, if you are using shampoo and do not lather well, it may be due to insufficient brushing or pre-washing, so you should be aware of them from the next time.

 ● 4. Rinse the shampoo firmly so that there is no leftover residue

 Rinse after washing, but be careful not to leave the shampoo.

 It is important to take a few minutes to thoroughly rinse, as insufficient rinsing and leaving shampoo ingredients on your head can lead to itching, inflammation and thinning hair problems.  It doesn't have to be time-consuming, but be careful to drop the shampoo on the back of your head, hairline, neck, or the back of your ears, where it's difficult to forget.

 In addition, the temperature of the shower during rinsing should be around 38 degrees.  You may feel slimy, but if it gets too hot, you may lose excess oil.  This is because the loss of sebum may deprive hair of its moisturizing and barrier functions, leading to dryness and bacterial growth.

 How to dry your hair after washing

How to dry your hair after washing

 When you are a child, many parents may have warned you that you will have a cold if you don't dry your hair properly, but by not drying it thoroughly after washing your hair, you can improve your scalp and hair environment.  It may make you worse.

 I cleaned it up and cleaned it up, so let's do it without any hassle until it gets dry.

 ●5. Wipe with a towel | Gently wrap the entire head without scrubbing

 Before using a dryer, it is important to use a towel to remove some water.  It's so-called towel dry.

 When you towel dry, it is important not to rub your hair.  I tend to do it because I want to dry it quickly, but rubbing damages my hair.  It is best to use a large towel such as a bath towel and wipe it off as if you massage the scalp with the feeling of wrapping the entire head.
 A common concern when washing and drying is to not damage your hair or cuticle.

 If you're worried about hair pain, it's a good idea to try a non-rinse treatment after drying with a towel.

 By using the non-rinsing treatment after shampooing, you can expect to have the effect of repairing hair damage and moisturizing, and suppressing the damage received from heat and ultraviolet rays of the dryer.

 ●6. Dry with a dryer | Required to prevent bacterial growth

 After thoroughly removing the water with a towel, dry it with a dryer.

 Many men have short hair, so you may feel that they don't need a hair dryer, but when they are wet, their hair is easily damaged and fungi easily grow.  Even after you've taken some water off with a towel dry, be sure to make a habit of drying it with a dryer.
 If you put them too close together, it may damage your hair and scalp, so keep it 20 cm away from your head.  Also, to prevent it from getting too dry, do not focus on the same area and apply wind.

 What you need to know about washing hair | The best time to wash your hair is at night

 Some people will wash their hair in the morning for some reason.  So-called morning shan.
 In the morning, Shang has the merits of waking up, washing away sweat that has been exhausted while sleeping, and ensuring that you can wake up properly, but it is also said to cause thinning hair.

 ● Stripping the barrier function

 Sebum acts as a barrier that protects the scalp from external irritation, but you should be careful when doing morning shan.

 This is because when a person with a general lifestyle of active from the morning to sleep at night takes a sham in the morning, he or she will go out after removing the barrier function with shampoo, which makes it more susceptible to stimuli such as ultraviolet rays.  ..
 Stimulation of the scalp may damage hair roots, adversely affect hair growth, and cause excessive secretion of sebum due to dryness, so it is best to avoid shan in the morning whenever possible.  If you really want to wash it, try to gently clean your hair without irritating your scalp.

 Also, because you have no time in the morning and you are in a hurry, don't just moderate your hair rinsing and drying.  This may lead to a situation where the shampoo cannot be washed off thoroughly and cannot be dried, which may worsen the scalp environment.


 So far, I've talked about how men should be careful about how to wash and dry their hair.

 Although you may be worried about your hair in the future, you may find that you are not bothered with hair and scalp care because it is bothersome, but everyday lifestyle changes your future.  Since I've been a little careful, I feel that my hair quality has improved.
 To keep your hair dry and healthy as you grow older, why not try to focus your attention on hair care from today?


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