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50 Ultimate Tips To Be a Stylish Man - Teaching Men's Lifestyle

 50 ultimate tips to be a stylish man

 These little extra things that make the difference between a normal man and an elegant man What does having style mean? 

 These little extra things that make the difference between a normal man and an elegant man

 Beyond the possibility of discovering new products (perfumes, cars, smartphones, etc.), the men who come to Teaching Men's Lifestyle are looking for 3 main things:

•  advice to stay in shape and be more muscular; 

•  advice to succeed in love (seduce and be happy as a couple);

•  advice to have style.

 If you fall under the latter category, this text is for you.  We have indeed chosen to list the 50 main tips to apply on a daily basis to be a stylish man.

 What does having style mean?

 Before getting to the heart of the matter and telling yourself how to become a stylish man, there is a basic question that needs to be answered.  What do we mean by "having style"?  Is there an objective definition of "being stylish" or is it just a matter of personal taste?

 Without wanting to give you a Norman answer, there is a bit of both.  Yes, you can have style by having socks in your slides (even some great designers like Vuitton have done it in their parades).  But washing your hair only once every two weeks, biting your nails or wearing a size 36 shirt when you are doing a 42 are all behaviors to be avoided for anyone who thinks they are an elegant man.

 At this level, the fact of having style or not is therefore closer to knowing the basics of good manners or not (yes, we enlarge the line a little).  The basics of this article being finally laid, no need to beat around the bush any longer.  So here is what you absolutely must do if you want to be a distinguished man.

 The 50 absolute rules to have style

 # 1.  Choose the right size of clothes

 OK, oversize is trendy and (very) tight clothing can make you look good.  But avoid shirts that look like parachutes or those that you have trouble closing.

 # 2.  Spend less, but better

 You don't have to have 25 shirts, 50 T-shirts, and 30 jeans (unless you're a true collector, and then).  To have a perfect look, it is better to prioritize the quality of your clothes over quantity.  You will then see that it costs (almost) no more to dress well!

 # 3.  Get rid of the clothes you don't wear

 This pink t-shirt with turquoise flowers might be a nice souvenir from your trip to the Caribbean, but honestly, are you going to (re) put it on?  And first, when was the last time you put it on?  If you haven't worn something for more than a year, donate it to charity, it will always be more useful than in the back of your closet.

 # 4.  It's not all black and brown in life

 We don't tell you to dress up as a rainbow every day, but dare the color, what the hell!  Whether for a top, chinos or even leather shoes, blue, red or green can provide superb results.

 # 5.  Never buy a costume without trying it on

 This is THE piece that is supposed to make you a stylish man.  But it is also THE piece that we will see at first glance whether it is poorly cut, too big or too small.  And there it ruins everything.

 # 6.  Pay attention to the length of the pants

 What is valid for the bottom of the suit is also for the other types of pants: pay attention to the length of the pants.  No one wants to see your socks and calves, even though both are very pretty.

 It is generally said that this should make a fold (and only one) a few centimeters above the shoe.  And if you're in doubt, you can always try hemming!

 # 7.  It's not just jeans in life!

 Of course, denim remains a staple in the men's wardrobe, but don't limit yourself to that!  Chinos are a great alternative (now popular with men), but you can also look great with cargo pants, slacks, velor or pleated pants!

 # 8.  Wear suspenders or a belt, not both

 Even if they fit perfectly, a pair of pants will work best if you wear them with a belt.  Or with suspenders if they complement your look.  But above all, NEVER both together!

 # 9.  Dare the bow tie

 Like suspenders, you can easily break stylistic codes by wearing a bow tie.  For example by pairing it with jeans, a shirt and a V-neck sweater.

 # 10.  Mix genres

 There, it can quickly turn into a fashion faux pas.  But if you've already mastered the basics of masculine styling, wearing a track jacket over a long-sleeved tee and jeans can result in a silhouette that's groomed, trendy, and relaxed at the same time.

 # 11.  Learn the rules of layering

 Clothing layers, when done right, always add a little extra to your look.  You've been given an example just above, but it can apply to multiple styles of dress.  We advise you to read our article dedicated to layering to understand everything.

 # 12.  Beware of "underwear"

 If you're wearing multiple layers of clothing, you need to be careful that none of them ruin your look.  Are you a little warm and want to drop the little jacket or the sweatshirt?  Do this as long as you don't wear a Simpsons T-shirt underneath!

 # 13.  Match the colour of your socks to your pants

 Black socks with black pants are ideal so you don't get confused.  Of course, nothing prevents you from daring the original socks.  But, then again, while we have nothing against the Springfield family, steer clear of the ones that sport Bart Simpson's or Looney Tunes faces!

 # 14.  Men also have the right to their bag

 Rather than the small shoulder bag or the banana, opt for the elegant bag to bring the final touch to your look.  The tote is popular at the moment, but you can also opt for a classic briefcase, a messenger bag or even a backpack!

The bag, an important fashion accessory for men.

 # 15.  Dress your wrists

 We stay in the accessories department and we move on to jewelry.  Not necessarily rings or pendants, but rather bracelets.  Rather than the silver bracelet with your first name, choose a trendy leather bracelet, or with pearls.  Note also that slacking is fashionable, that is to say wearing several bracelets on the same wrist, mixing colors and materials.

 # 16.  Wear a nice watch

 In addition to bracelets, your wrists can (and should!) Accommodate a beautiful watch.  At a time when some consider this accessory to be outdated (if I want to have the time, I look at my smartphone), the toquante is always elegant.  Even the Casio watch with digital display has become an essential accessory again!  On the other hand, we avoid the colored Flik-Flak, gentlemen: it is only for children.

 # 17.  Empty your pockets!

 The keys to the house, that of the car, a wallet, the smartphone: you have all your life in your pockets and it shows!  Yes, but there you go: it also completely distorts your pants and is unsightly.

 So, a solution is in order: reread tip # 14 in this article.

 # 18.  Stop the overflowing wallet

 Overflowing trouser pockets are ugly.  But what about the wallet which exceeds your bank card, all your loyalty cards, your public transport subscription, your Vitale card, your identity papers, a hundred sales tickets and possibly a little change?  Sort it out, damn it!

 # 19.  You have to know how to roll up your sleeves

 Wearing a long-sleeved shirt can quickly become unpleasant when the temperature rises.  But remember, you can roll up your sleeves in style!  It will bring some coolness (not sloppiness) to your look ... provided it's done right!

 # 20.  Two buttons, no more

 Unless you wear it superimposed on a nice T-shirt, you never leave more than two buttons open on your shirt.  Just because Dany Brillant or BHL are doing it doesn't mean it's a good idea.

 Conversely, don't think that buttoning your shirt all the way down will make you a stuck man: it's called the air tie, and it can be really neat.  Even with a streetwear look!

 # 21.  Iron your shirts

 Men are often lazy on this point and yet it is an essential element when wanting to take care of your look: a shirt MUST be ironed.  No, keeping your shirt crumpled won't give you a deceptively sloppy style.  That only works for the hair!

 # 22.  Change your shoes ...

 A good pair of sneakers is certainly very comfortable, but you still can't put them on every day.  Change up the style a bit!  Boots can go with a whole bunch of looks, think about it.

 Material side, between suede, nubuck and leather, you are spoiled for choice!

 # 23.  … And clean them!

 White sneakers are beautiful when they are actually white.  Not when it's full of stains of all kinds, mud or whatever.  The same goes for nice leather shoes, which should be maintained regularly (at least once a month, or even more if you wear them regularly).

 # 24.  The white t-shirt is the basis

 T-shirts are often an opportunity for men to dare a little color or originality.  Certainly, we cannot blame you for that.  But a nice, well-cut white T-shirt, with a round or V neck, short or long sleeves, can serve you in many situations.

 # 25.  The fancy t-shirt is… optional!

 If you are a geek, a Star Wars fan or one of the Rolling Stones, you can wear these kind of pieces.  But only to go to a concert or a festival, not every day.

 # 26.  The belt is too often neglected

 No, a belt is not only used to hold oversized pants.  Quite the contrary!  It is a central piece of your look, both literally and figuratively.  It makes the link between the top and the bottom of the outfit, all the more reason to choose it well.

 A word of advice: besides the leather belt, it is the braided model which is popular at the moment and which can go well with many clothes.

 # 27.  Wear a scarf or kerchief

 In hot weather, you don't have to, but the rest of the time, go for it!  A chunky knit scarf in winter, a pretty colorful scarf when the temperatures rise: if you make the right choice, everyone will notice!

 # 28.  Golden or silver?

 Mixing materials like wood, leather and steel is fine.  However, avoid mixing yellow gold jewelry and silver jewelry.

 # 29.  You have to know how to play on contrasts ...

 Rather than shades of blue or gray, a contrasting outfit allows you to better assert your look.  And this is not limited (especially) to black and white.  Pink and blue, but also blue and yellow, can offer very beautiful contrasts.

 #30.  ... but always keep a balanced outfit

 If the colors can be opposed, keep some consistency in the cuts between the top and the bottom of the outfit.  An oversized chunky knit sweater will go quite poorly with skinny pants.  Conversely, cargo pants that are a bit wide will give a flared silhouette (Orangina bottle type) if you wear them with a tight turtleneck sweater.

A stylish men must master the codes of layering.

 # 31.  The season is important

 Of course, we like to repeat that you can wear light colors in winter.  But following "the colors of the season" is also of interest.  Mixing navy blue, burgundy and camel in autumn and pastel tones in spring is always fun!

 # 32.  Pay attention to the patterns!

 Stripes, polka dots, checks… Geometric patterns give relief to an outfit.  Sometimes mixing two kinds of patterns can also make your look sharper and more quirky.  But never go beyond and, in any case, use them with care!

 # 33.  The total look is not (always) your friend

 A monochrome silhouette can be as stylish as it is messed up.  And the border is often thin.  The same goes for materials: a 100% denim look can be effective if mastered.  On the other hand, we remain more skeptical of the total leather, fluorescent or leopard look!

 # 34.  With or without logo

 There are two schools there, as Michel Sardou would say.  And neither can claim to always have the upper hand.  Just keep in mind that a garment doesn't look better because its logo is bigger.

 # 35.  Dare to play strong pieces

 An article has already been devoted to strong pieces on the blog, read it!  If you are lazy, we can remind you that if you choose a striking piece (white pants, a patterned blazer ...), your complete look must revolve around it.  And, above all, don't combine two strong pieces in the same look.

 # 36.  The combination of costume and sneakers is a try!

 Trend already outdated or quirky style still effective?  It's up to you ... But occasionally, the marriage between a pretty suit and beautiful white sneakers, it always has its small effect.

 # 37.  Never the bottom button

 If you are wearing a blazer, remember to never button the bottom button: only the top button in the case of a two-button jacket and either only the middle one or both top, for a  three button blazer.

 And while we recommend that you keep your jacket buttoned up when you are standing, you absolutely have to undo it when sitting down!

 # 38.  The art of the tie knot

 How do you tell the difference between a boy and a man?  To his ability to know how to tie his tie.  We caricature a little ... but hardly!  And what makes the difference between a "normal" man and a stylish gentleman?  The latter masters at least two types of tie knots!

 # 39.  Sunglasses at the right time

 A pair of sunglasses is not just for protecting you from the sun.  It’s a fashion accessory in its own right in summer.  But, please, do not take them out as soon as the slightest ray of sunlight appears!

 # 40.  Casual doesn't mean sloppy

 You may prefer a "lighter" style on weekends or on vacation, especially if you are forced to wear the uniform as part of your job.  But that doesn't mean you have to have mismatched socks, the protruding T-shirt or ... the plumber's smile when you bend down!

 # 41.  Sewing is not just for women

 Stop old clich├ęs, gentlemen!  If you have a seam or a button that has come loose, don't wait for your mom or sweetheart to come to your rescue.  Look for a tutorial on YouTube if necessary but do the repair yourself.  And above all, do not go out with clothes that are disjointed or have holes!

 # 42.  But don't let women dictate their law!

 Who says women have a monopoly on good taste in clothing?  Many men seek advice from a woman (preferably their girlfriend / wife) when choosing an item of clothing.

 But trust yourself a little!  You are able to know if a piece suits you or not, if it puts you in value or not!

 # 43.  Take care of your hairstyle

 Go to the hairdresser regularly, ask him for advice if you are unsure which hairstyle is right for you.

 Remember that women are very sensitive to men's hair.  If you want to be able to make them an asset of seduction, think about washing them at least twice a week.  And, depending on the nature of your hair, a styling product like wax or powder can add the finishing touch to your look.

 # 44.  A well-trimmed beard, that's sacred

 If you are not a bearded man, skip to the next tip.  Otherwise, we won't tell you how important it is to maintain your beard in order to look stylish.  Gone are the cavemen and remember that a beard can quickly be dirtier than the toilet bowl.  In short, you know what you have to do.

 # 45.  Take care of your skin

 No, you can't make all your wrinkles disappear just by spreading anti-aging cream on your face.  But a moisturizer can help you look better every day.  It's a good start !

 # 46.  A good perfume, it puts its man down

 Besides clothes and hairstyle, perfume is an element to which women are very attached.  If you can, avoid too classic fragrances and focus on niche fragrances.

 # 47.  How about cologne?

 In Pakistan, men seem to be interested in cologne only from a certain age.  However, this product is not lacking in advantages: in addition to smelling good, it can provide a real sensation of freshness or tone you up in the morning.

 # 48.  Break the codes

 Disregard trends, laugh at the rules.  After all, if you don't like a fad, you don't have to follow it!  The most important thing to have style is to wear what you love, what suits you.

 # 49.  Take the time to unwind

 We keep telling you how to dress to look great.  But p ***** of b ***** of m ****, that it feels good to let go, sometimes!  Come on, we take out his Hawaiian shirt, his pink shorts, his ugly sneakers and we love it!  And no, this misbehavior won't make you a nerdy jerk to humiliate in public (take that, the LOL League).

 # 50.  You have to know the size of your clothes

 This last tip echoes the first on the list.  Since there is nothing uglier than poorly tailored clothes, you absolutely need to know what your usual size for shirt, t-shirt and pants is.

 Here we are, the circle is complete and you now have all the cards in hand to be a good looking kid 365 days a year.  You have to work on style every day, gentlemen!

You never button the bottom button on a blazer.


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