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10 Habits That Ruin Man's Appearance - TML


10 Habits That Ruin Man's Appearance - TML, 10 HABITS THAT END THE MAN'S APPEARANCE, Shaving incorrectly, without using foam or gel, can irritate the skin and end up looking its best, 1. Smoking, 2. Stress,  3. Alcoholic beverages,  4. Poor posture,  5. Burn all day in the sun,  6. Sugar and fat consumption,  7. Shaving incorrectly,  8. Excessive body hair,  9. Processed foods, 10. Bad face products, Men's Grooming, Grooming,Habits,Simple Habits, Appearance,Man,Ruin,TML,Teaching Men's Lifestyle,Trending,Attractive,Types,Development,Tips,Signs,Secret,Personal Care,Mistakes To Avoid,Men's Lifestyle,,10-habits-that-end-the-appearance-of-man,10 habits that end the appearance of man

 Shaving incorrectly, without using foam or gel, can irritate the skin and end up looking its best

 You can be genetically privileged, have the best chat, you can even dress well.  But it is a fact that, just as some habits help to improve the appearance, there are others that negatively influence beauty.  Even the greatest virtues lose strength when space is made for real enemies of the body's health.  Cigarette, stress and too much sugar are some of them.  The following are some of the other bad behaviors that attack man's appearance:

 1. Smoking

 In an ordinary cigarette there are more than 50 cancer-causing substances, that is, it is a powerful poison against the human organism.  By smoking tobacco, you are, in fact, killing the cells, very slowly.  Each cigarette decreases skin oxygenation for 90 minutes.  Imagine who smokes more than one a day.  Result: the skin is thick and yellowish, dull and opaque because of nicotine.  Free radicals form destructive molecules that damage DNA, causing the skin to become pale and with expression marks.

 2. Stress

 Emotional stress alters our hormones and this can make the skin more oily and even increase acne.  Stress also lowers natural defenses, leaving the skin more prone to disease and infection.  The most common are herpes, allergies, rash and even vitiligo, problems that can impair a good presentation.

 3. Alcoholic beverages

 Alcohol has both short and long-term effects on your appearance.  It causes dehydration, in addition to providing several calories that can leave you with the famous "beer belly".  In addition, dilated vessels in the abdomen and neck, crushed spider veins on the face, red and hot palms, a "flushed" face, white spots on the nails, as well as a nose that grows thanks to the increase of such glands and pores, becoming swollen  and congested.  It is from this set of signs that the expression "face of drunk" comes, which, besides representing harm to health, spoils the appearance.

 4. Poor posture

 Low shoulders and poor posture are not the least bit of confidence and still contribute to a tired appearance.  Standing erect makes the muscles appear more defined and firm, which conveys, at least in the eyes of others, a certain firmness and security.  Furthermore, in addition to the aesthetic issue, leaving the posture out of alignment can cause serious spinal problems.

 5. Burn all day in the sun

 It is nothing new for anyone that "toasting" in the sun, especially in the summer, is bad for health.  In addition to avoiding redness in the look, the sunscreen prevents against premature aging and skin cancer, which kills more men in Brazil.  For those who suffer from oily skin, the gel filter is a great alternative.  70 fps sunscreens for the lightest skins and 30 fps for the darker skins are enough - but remember to reapply throughout the day.  And nothing to look like a shrimp and screw with your appearance, huh ?!

 6. Sugar and fat consumption

 If consumed in excess, sugar is responsible for a skin cell aging process called "glycation".  In this case, sugar ends up binding to skin proteins, such as collagen, helping to form wrinkles.  The excess fat is accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue in an irregular way, causing cellulite and that localized tummy.

 7. Shaving incorrectly

 Use shaving gel or foam - which softens the hair - to make the blade easier to slide.  Dry shaving will certainly cause irritation, ingrown hairs and the appearance of flash points, factors that literally tarnish a man's appearance.  Opt for a precision appliance that reduces the chances of hair tugging.  Finally, go unhurried and always scraping towards the hair growth.  Thus, there will be no cuts or marks and your face will be flawless.  Use aftershave lotions to hydrate your skin and, if applicable, also invest in anti-wrinkle creams.

 8. Excessive body hair

 It is important to prevent one part of your body from connecting to another through the hair.  Although it has been proven that the overdose of body wires favors the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, the advice is not just about hygiene or trends.  There are bodily proportions that are unconsciously beautiful to us.  And this beauty is, most of the time, connected to the proportion between the parts of a body.  When hairs link different parts, they undermine the way other people identify their proportionality.  Aesthetically speaking, you will look less beautiful in the eyes of others.  For this reason, take care when scraping the neck, chest and back, areas that are usually left out.

 9. Processed foods

 Frozen foods and all that ready-to-eat food found in supermarket refrigerators are those meals that already arrive on your plate with almost no nutrients.  Most processed foods are not enough to provide the body with everything we need.  You will not only gain weight, but you will also change your rates.  The idea is to consume "real food", to have a plate full of natural foods, such as fruits, vegetables, cereals and plenty of fluids.

 10. Bad face products

 Due to lack of custom, many men are not careful when choosing skin care products.  It is necessary to be careful when purchasing soaps, moisturizers and other related items.  Allied to this, you need to identify your skin type so that the chosen creams and lotions are compatible with you.  Go to the dermatologist and take care of your health!

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