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7 Tips Every Man Should Follow To Wear Jeans Every Day - Fashion - TML

7 tips every man should follow to wear jeans every day, 7 Tips Every Man Should Follow To Wear Jeans Every Day - Fashion - TML

 7 tips every man should follow to wear jeans every day

 At the height of the gold rush, in the 19th century, 1853, the German Levi Strauss settled in San Francisco with the aim of opening a supply store for the miners.  They not only needed tents but sturdy clothing to withstand the roughness of their work.  It was there that Strauss devised work pants made of denim and copper supports in strategic places that allowed them to keep objects in their pockets.  That's where the blessed jeans were born ...

How to wear men's jeans Style

 ... which we use for rough work, to feel comfortable, because they are cheap, because they are expensive, because Kurt Cobain created a whole style in the 90's by using them broken, because James Dean used them in the film "Rebel Without a Cause  "And Marlon Brando in" The Wild One "to create a symbol of re-bel-dí-a with them, because the hippies incorporated them into their attire with a flared cut, because nowadays there is no more universal and recurring garment than the  jeans, the blessed jeans ...

How to wear men's jeans Style

 ... which have the great ability to adapt to any circumstance, style and time of year, so their use will give you the confidence to always look good with any combination you try every day of the week ...



How to wear men's jeans Monday, Monday

 Start the week trying a more formal look, whether you study or work in a company or as a freelance.  On rainy days, don't forget to wear a dark coat or jacket uncovered so that you can show off the shirt you decide to wear underneath (choose the one you want, but a denim one will go well with your jeans).  The touch of elegance will be given by a tie in the same shade as the coat.  For your outfit to be a combination of elegant and casual, tuck your shirt into your pants but dispense with the belt.  Finally, make sure that your shoes are of a different tone to create a bright contrast with the rest of your clothes.



How to wear men's jeans Tuesday, Tuesday

 It's time to start chilling out early and exploring new styles.  Combining a denim jacket with jeans is one of the most basic but trendiest combinations.  Put under your jacket a dark turtleneck sweater that will be in charge of giving your appearance a touch of formality (it is not yet time to wear your desired t-shirts).  The most common jeans are blue, but this time you can opt for gray ones that make your look have a successful combination of shades.

 These days, the trend is to wear your jeans high enough to expose your ankles.  Who needs some knurled socks, if the important thing is to be comfortable?  It is not yet time to wear shirts but you do have tennis shoes, so put them on and go out to conquer life.



How to wear men's jeans Wednesday, Wednesday

 Surely you have more than one denim jacket, wear it, it's just time to get one of your best shirts out of the closet so that you can wear it more causally than on Monday: outside your pants and without a tie (it's Wednesday, so  it's time to start looking forward to the weekend…).  Slip on your jeans with the bottoms rolled up to reveal your amazing pair of mid-shin boots.  They will look better if you tie the shoelaces halfway.



How to wear men's jeans Thursday, Thursday

 Another trend that looks great is jeans with a worn or washed out look.  Gone are the days of perfectly dyed, clean-looking jeans.  Wear them in the company of a rolled-up shirt to reveal your tattoos or bracelets.  If you like vintage trends, accompany this pair of garments with suspenders that will prevent you from wearing a belt and give your look a combination of formality and casualness.

 The tie is an alternative that you can incorporate into this hipster trend look;  To keep it from looking traditional, insert it into one of the free spaces between the buttons.  As a footwear option, choose comfortable loafers.



How to wear men's jeans Friday, Friday

 Blessed Friday has arrived!  It is the opportunity to take off the leather jacket, place a scarf or scarf around your neck and wear your dark jeans, which are also essential to have in your closet.  Do not forget to wear your black boots to wear a biker look



How to wear men's jeans Saturday, Saturday

 Nothing like Saturdays to rest from the hustle and bustle of the week and disconnect your mind from obligations.  It's time to take out your cotton t-shirts, wear a wool hat in case you don't feel like combing your hair, wear your most comfortable jeans and a pair of those tennis shoes that if they get dirty look even better.  A good reference of this type of outfit is the ex-footballer David Beckham, whoever walks through the streets looking comfortable and youthful at 42 years old.



How to wear men's jeans Sunday, Sunday

 Before facing the arrival of Monday, relax completely and wear the most comfortable and baggy clothing possible.  That, of course, includes your jeans.  Put on your ripped model to feel free from ties.  Paired with a long sweater below the knees and an equally baggy T-shirt it will give you a feeling that the chains of good clothing do not bind you.  You will also have more freedom of movement for those walks on Sunday afternoon in the company of a good coffee.


 Now that you know the perfect combinations to wear all kinds of jeans, do not forget the 10 Mistakes Men Make When Buying Pants - Teaching Men's Lifestyle. Also take note of the Male Skin Care: What Do You Need To Know? - Teaching Men's Lifestyle.


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