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Which Beauty Routine For Which Man? - Teaching Men's Lifestyle


 When you are a man, many factors are linked to a grayish complexion (lack of sleep, stress, unbalanced diet, tobacco, lack of physical activity, repeated shaving without proper care, etc.), especially if you combine them!  The less healthy your lifestyle, the more it shows on your face.  However, all is not lost!  The face is a part of the body which is worked on daily and which deserves great care, in particular because it is permanently exposed to external aggressions.  Men are often too negligent on this point, so we wanted to review the different skin types (dry, oily) and daily habits (shaving, beard) in order to advise you on an appropriate skincare routine.

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 The skin is a living organ: it sweats, generates dead cells and rejects sebum.  The latter is a secretion from the sebaceous glands of the skin used to protect it.  Basically, it acts against microbes by providing its acidity to the skin and ensures its impermeability against microbes.  It also makes it more flexible.  Your skin type depends on the amount generated on your face.  If we simply summarize: if it is low in sebum, you have dry skin, otherwise it is oily.

 Either way, if you don't do anything, day in and day out, your pores get bigger, clogged up and your skin becomes dull.  Pollution is even more aggravating.  Washing the face allows the skin to breathe better and regain its radiance.  A daily ritual helps keep skin healthy and brighter every day.  Here, we will only cover the key steps to safeguarding your skin, without going into extreme practices.  Whatever its type, we always find the same procedures:

 Exfoliation: exfoliating treatments eliminate dead cells which give a gray complexion and activate microcirculation, which revives the complexion.

 Cleansing: it restores the natural state of the skin by purifying it from external aggressions while removing excess sebum.

 Hydration: it nourishes the skin on a daily basis, thus restoring its radiance and regulating the amount of sebum depending on its type.

 The mask: it can be compared to a kind of "vacuum cleaner".  Its main virtue is therefore the absorption of sebum, cleansing and tightening the pores, then restoring its purity and radiance to the face.

 Dry skin

 Do you have dry skin like a rocky desert and feel tightness every day?  This is due to lack of sebum.  If you are in this position, your skin is more sensitive to external aggressions and often uncomfortable.  Usually, the most common finding is dehydration.  Therefore, it is as if you have to take care of an infant who asks for food and drink.  Two key words in this case: softness and hydration.


 Your skin therefore lacks sebum, so avoid cleaning it with products such as Marseille soap or basic tubes bought in supermarkets that dry out the skin.  Choose fluid and nourishing textures based on natural ingredients.  Oils, soaps surgras having moisturizing properties will be faithful allies.  Chamomile, aloe vera, shea butter will perform this function wonderfully.  Also, if your skin is dry, it is generally more sensitive to external aggressions, but also more fragile.  Therefore, be sure to opt for a fluid and soft product.  Frequency: twice a day, morning and evening

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 After cleansing the skin, apply a rich moisturizer, which helps protect the skin.  Thinner and more sensitive, your skin is all the more exposed to UV rays and therefore more aggressively.  Using a cream with ingredients like olive oil, argan oil, shea oil or lanolin.  Frequency: twice a day, morning and evening

 Scrub / mask

 Regardless of your skin type, it is important to cleanse it regularly with a scrub.  Generally, exfoliating products have this grainy texture whose mission is to penetrate the pores of the skin in order to purify them.  There are various textures, but if you have dry skin, you will again need to opt for fluid and soft products.  You can also use a mask, for example clay whose action is similar but deeper, so at a lower frequency.  Frequency: once or twice a week, before cleansing the skin in the morning (once in the case of the mask)

Anthony Logistics clay mask, Hydrate,  Scrub / mask


  •  Take a lukewarm shower rather than a bath 
  •  Do not use too hot water, make sure it is lukewarm
  •  Use a mild and / or super-oily soap
  •  Dry yourself by dabbing, without rubbing
  •  Drink plenty of water daily to hydrate your skin 
  •  exceed two scrubs per week
  •  Do not forget to use a moisturizer morning and night


 The morning

  •  Use a gentle scrub on your face, rub gently and in circles (2 times a week)
  •  Use a clay mask once a week.  Because it should generally be left to apply 10 minutes, opt for a weekend day
  •  Cleanse the skin with a fluid and mild soap
  •  Moisturize the skin using a rich product and if possible including protection  solar SPF15

 The evening

  •  Cleansing the skin using a fluid and gentle soap
  •  Moisturizing the skin using a light moisturizer so as not to overload the skin, which regenerates at night

 Oily skin

 Having oily skin is quite normal, for both men and women.  When you have oily skin, it is generally because it produces too much sebum and it is for this reason that you have the impression of having shiny skin, especially on the so-called T zone.  very easy to correct this small skin imbalance.  If, gentlemen, you have oily skin, here are some daily tips that will help you regain a more balanced skin.

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 Stress has been proven to make the skin even more oily and even more acne-prone.  So relax!  To stop having oily skin, you will need to do certain things that most women already do.  Twice a day, wash your face with a mild soap.  Once again, Marseille soap type products overdry the skin.  However, contrary to popular belief, the goal with oily skin is not to look absolutely dry, but rather to regulate excess sebum.  Indeed, if you dry out your skin too much, it would take revenge by producing twice as much sebum to compensate.  So to avoid oily skin, your cleanser should be gentle and contain natural elements such as fruit acids while restoring the skin's natural moisture.  Frequency: twice a day, morning and evening


 Just because your skin is oily doesn't mean it is naturally hydrated, so this step is just as necessary as for other skin types.  Here, the goal is to rebalance your skin with sebum.  Therefore, we recommend turning to non-greasy moisturizers that mattify and reduce the excessive production of sebum.  Usually, these products have common ingredients: plant extracts.  Also, copper and zinc are substances that easily fight oily skin.  Frequency: twice a day, morning and evening

Good looks zvonko, Clean, Hydrate

 Erase / mask

 It is all the more important to use a scrub when you have oily skin, basically always for the same reasons: to purify the skin and get rid of excess sebum in depth.  Unlike dry skin, you can be more lax in choosing the texture of your exfoliant because of a less sensitive face.  However, be aware that some products are really unpleasant to use, so always prefer fluidity and softness.  Again, the use of a clay mask is recommended once a week for its cleansing action.  Frequency: once or twice a week, before cleansing the skin in the morning (once in the case of the mask)


 The morning

  •  Use a scrub on your face, rub gently and in circles (2 times a week)
  •  Use a clay mask once a week.  Because you usually have to leave it on for 10 minutes, opt for a weekend day
  •  Cleaning the skin with a soap made from natural ingredients
  •  Hydration of the skin with a mattifying product

 The evening

  •  Cleansing the skin using a soap made from natural ingredients
  •  Moisturizing the skin using a product of light texture and above all non-comedogenic


 In a very colorful way, we can consider that if the beard marginalized a man 50 years ago, it now fits into a certain mold.  Indeed, society is now more welcoming when it comes to facial hair.  Who doesn't have a beard?  Whether it's a certain length or trimmed regularly for a "three day" effect, one would be tempted to argue that beards are the norm today.  And we understand why, when shaving involves many attacks on the skin, it is easier to leave your face at rest (in addition it seems that women like it).  If you have already discussed this subject at length in an article dedicated to long beards (Cf: how to take care of your beard), let's take up its key points here by adding some tips for three-day beards.

 The three-day beard or short beard

 A priori, it does not involve very extensive facial hair.  By definition, it refers to a beard growing for about three days without shaving.  In fact, you need at least enough to not look "unshaven".  Given the low amount of hair, we will then maintain his face as if it were bare depending on his skin type.  In a slightly long trend, you can use a balm or a beard oil to make your hair shine brightly.


 The most important thing about a three-day beard is size first.  Because a badly trimmed beard can quickly get messy, neglected.  For this process, which you can do every day, or even every three days depending on the speed of your regrowth (it's up to you to gauge), you will ideally need a beard trimmer.  It can also work with a hair clipper, but it will be much less maneuverable when the special beard has a thinner end, so ideal for going through narrow places like the ends of the face.  Especially since there are entry-level models around € 10 that will do the job.

Beard trimmer sabort, Erase / mask, Routine, The morning, The evening, Beard,  The three-day beard or short beard, Size

 The three-day beard is cultivated like a tomato plant.  It should then be allowed to grow for 4-5 days, and then proceed to pruning.  Determine the length you want using the longer comb on your mower and reduce gradually.  Make sure the beard length is even all over the face (the beard does not grow at the same rate in all areas).  Then clean the different key areas of the face: the cheeks, neck and mustache.  For the cheeks, start from your mustache and draw an imaginary line up to your ear and trim whatever is above it.  In case of weak hair, use tweezers.  At the neck, the goal is to bring out the shape of your face.  So follow a line that respects it, starting under the jaws and mowing clear or with the shortest hoof.  For the mustache, there are two schools: those that leave it slightly longer and those that regularize, but this is just a matter of taste.

 What not to do

  •  Shave the entire neck, leaving his beard on the rest of the face
  •  Shave only the mustache
  •  The favorites + goatee combo
  •  Shave your cheekbones too abundantly with your trimmer because the hair will grow back harder over time


 The morning

  •  Trim beard at key places (cheeks, neck, mustache) every two days
  •  Trim beard length with desired hoof every three days
  •  Use beard balm or oil
  •  Use scrub on your face, rub  gently and in circles (2 times a week)
  •  Use of a clay mask once a week.  Because you usually need to leave it on for 10 minutes, opt for a weekend day
  •  Cleaning the skin with a soap made from natural ingredients
  •  Hydration of the skin

 The evening

  •  Cleansing the skin with a soap made from natural ingredients
  •  Moisturizing the skin

 Long beard

 Carrying a long beard is a long-term job that requires a lot of maintenance once the beard has reached a certain stage.  Let's say as a benchmark, you can take the moment when the mustache hairs start to spill over the lips (with me, it takes a little over a month).  Usually, this means that you have full enough hair all over your face and that your hair will start to demand more attention.  When deciding to grow your beard, try to choose a model to copy to to gauge how long it takes and have a goal in mind.

 The interview

 No matter what stage of growth you are in, it's important to take care of your face on a normal, daily basis.  It will contribute somewhere to its health and promote the growth of your hair.  Be aware that whatever happens, you will likely go through an itchy stage due to your hair growth, and it will stop once it is long enough.  This is where you have to stay strong and stick to your goal, don't give up!  Once your hair is dense enough, start the specific rituals regularly:

  •  Continue to use your face soap morning and night to remove bacteria, then when the length is large enough, shampoo it several times a week with a product dedicated to this use
  •  Hair your beard every morning using a special comb in  wood or even better in horn to avoid knots and stimulate blood circulation in the cheeks.  It will also avoid making it look sloppy.  Keep your comb on you during the day, and repeat the operation at will.
  •  Moisturize your beard morning and evening with a balm or a beard oil.
  •  Continue to use scrubs once or twice a week to remove dead skin and revitalize your face  , thus promoting the growth of your hair
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Once your hairs have reached the desired length comes the most important step in wearing a beard: regular trimming.  You have to be patient to get to this step, because it is often very tempting to take your pair of scissors or your mower and risk spoiling all the work of growing.  First, start choosing a beard and mustache style that works for you so you know which direction to go.  Once determined, if this is your first big beard, we recommend that you go to a good barber or an experienced hairstylist to give you some size and shape advice to suit your face.  Nevertheless, we can lavish some generalist ones here.

 From this point on, you would normally not want your beard to grow anymore and want to keep its shape and length.  So, you need to trim it regularly depending on how fast your hair grows.  In general, once or twice a week will be sufficient.  It will be important here to have two essential tools: a beard trimmer, a comb and a mustache chisel.  The maintenance will be generic and will be done by running your comb to mark out areas and determine the length and shape you want.  As with the three-day beard, remember to outline key areas such as the cheeks, neck, and trim any hairs from your mustache sticking out over your lips.  Then use wax to shape it as you wish.

Beard maintenance tools, size, trimming


 The morning

  •  Trim beard in key areas (cheeks, neck, mustache) every other day
  •  Trim beard length with comb and trimmer every third day
  •  Comb beard in the morning and several times throughout the day to detangle
  •  Use of balm or hair trimmer  '' a beard oil morning and evening
  •  Shampoo the beard every 2-3 days with a special shampoo
  •  Use of a scrub on your face, rub gently and in circles (2 times a week)
  •  Use of a clay mask one  times a week on the rest of the face.  Because it usually needs to be left on for 10 minutes, opt for a weekend day
  •  Cleanse the skin with a soap made from natural ingredients
  •  Moisturize the skin

 The evening

  •  Cleansing the skin with a soap made from natural ingredients
  •  Moisturizing the skin


 Shaving is not necessarily the essential routine of every man carrying out an office job requiring the wearing of a suit or in which he has to have regular contact with others.  Indeed, today, the trend and the evolution of morals have wanted the wearing of a trimmed beard to be more and more tolerated.  However, daily shaving is a gesture that is still practiced by many people.  It often involves sequelae on the skin when performed poorly (or simply inherent to your skin type): redness, pimples, cuts, dryness, ingrown hairs, etc.  Here are some tips to optimize your shaving moment.

 The perfect time

 In general, men shave in the morning, before leaving for work, and he is right, the morning is the best time of the day to shave because the skin is more rested.  That said, you should avoid shaving when you wake up because the hair is harder (bad hair in a way) and the muscles lack firmness.  By the way, if you are, you are not well awake and may injure yourself;) It is therefore ideal to shave in the morning after a shower.  Because lukewarm water will soften and lengthen the hair, which will be easier to cut (it might even allow you to keep your blade alive longer).  Another optimal condition: shave on an empty stomach because chewing causes an influx of blood in the face which promotes redness.

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 Hair preparation

 Whatever method you choose, it is essential to hydrate the hair to make it easier to cut.  One of the oldest and most effective ways is to apply your shaving product with a brush.  Thanks to its hard and flexible bristles, it helps to penetrate the pores in depth and softens your beard.  Its action is therefore twofold: facilitating the glide of the razor and cleaning.  On a more concrete level, make sure your skin is moist before you start applying your product in order to provide a nice lather.

 There is no product more suitable than another when you have to shave and have normal or even oily skin, it is above all a matter of personal taste.  Traditionally, a shaving soap is used either in its full and solid form (the same as a Marseille soap) or in its pasty form.  In most cases, it is always presented in a bowl and applied with the help of the badger soaked in water.

Badger muhle shaving man, Hair preparation

 Today, it has become more common to use shaving foam, gel and even oil.  Usually, they can be applied by hand, although it is best to use a badger even with these products to benefit from the action of its bristles.  If you don’t have a particular shaving problem, consumer products may be fine, although there are some great, inexpensive ones available from traditional brands like Proraso.  On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin and you are subject to irritation, it is better to opt for a specific treatment such as those offered in para-pharmacy, or cosmetic treatments sold in perfumery.

 Shaving technique

 It is generally said that for a closer shave, it is advisable to pass your razor twice OVER THE SKIN: once in the direction of the hair, a second against the grain.  This is true for men with impeccable hair growth, for whom all the hair grows straight and in the same direction.  If this is the case, go ahead with a closed eyes (not too much anyway because you risk cutting yourself).  But in fact, this is quite rare and a majority of us suffer from redness and ingrown hairs during regrowth.  Our advice, then, is to only run the razor once in the direction of the grain.  Because in fact, brands specializing in classic shaving have made a lot of progress in terms of comfort and hair cut.  Just tell yourself that on a razor with 5 blades, the hair is cut 5 times, meaning that it will be extremely short.  For sensitive skin, it's this super short cut that creates the problem of ingrown hair.  Because basically when your pores are closed and it grows back, it has a hard time finding the way out to come out straight.  So if you shave with a classic safety razor, stick with 3 blades and one pass.


 As shaving irritates the skin, it leaves behind a whole bunch of micro-cuts.  This is known as the famous "razor burn".  This is because the skin has been heavily strained and dried out during the shaving process and needs to be invigorated with a special moisturizer.  At a pinch, you could apply a normal moisturizer, only the aftershave has the advantage of being provided with healing ingredients in its formula.  Thus, it copes with all the damage left by shaving on your skin.  As with generic soaps and moisturizers, there are some suitable for all skin types while retaining its essence and soothing characteristics (and in addition it smells good).  You should therefore apply it to your freshly shaved and dried face.  If your regrowth is slower and you feel your skin pulling at night, you can also apply it before bed.

After shave pythomer man, Shaving technique, After-shave

 The Alum Stone

 Did you know that the alum stone was already used in ancient Egyptian times to purify water?  Truth be told, it is also the oldest aftershave, it consists of a solid stone usually composed of potassium and aluminum.  It tightens pores and its astringent action helps prevent ingrown hairs while soothing the skin after shaving.  Indeed, alum stone is hemostatic and stops bleeding due to micro-cuts by causing the vessels to contract.  This therefore makes it a perfect replacement for your aftershave.  To use it, it's simple: directly after shaving, you have to wet it and then apply it to your face.


 The morning

  •  Shower upon rising
  •  Apply your soap / gel / shaving oil using a shaving brush on a damp face
  •  Shave in the direction of the grain, 1 pass only (two for those with Greek god skin)
  •  Apply your stone  alum or application of your aftershave
  •  Do not forget the rest of the face with a classic moisturizer
  •  Use of a scrub on your face, rub gently and in circles (2 times a week)
  •  Use of a clay mask once a week  .  Because it should generally be left applied for 10 minutes, opt for a weekend day

 The evening

  •  Cleanse the skin with a soap made from natural ingredients
  •  Moisturize the skin with a moisturizer that matches your skin type

 The electric razor

 While some are attached to the "shaving moment" with all that it entails from the transition from a badger to aftershave, others take greater advantage of technological developments in this area, preferring the electric razor.  It provides significant comfort and ease of shaving because it allows you to shave quickly and without hurting yourself.  When you need to shave every day, this is the perfect way to save time.  We advise you to invest in a reliable model.  It’s an investment in the beginning, but pays off in the long run.  In this regard, it is only from a certain price range that one can hope for some efficiency, or around € 150.  Otherwise it is sometimes necessary to compensate for uneven finishes with a safety razor.

Philips SensoTouch 3d heads, The Alum Stone, Routine, The morning, The evening, The electric razor

 Shaving technique

 Without dwelling on the technical products in detail, however, it is above all the shaving itself that will interest us here.  The electric razor is used on dry skin, so you will not have to apply any care beforehand for its action to be effective.  That said, as with a manual razor, opt for a morning shave under the same conditions and for the same reasons.  Wash your face before and proceed with shaving.  For electric shaving, the passage of the head is done according to the type of model you have.  In the case of a foil razor, go against the grain and at a 90-degree angle to optimize the cut of the hair and give an even effect all over the face.  In the case of a shaver with rotating heads, it will be necessary to proceed in small circles, always for the same length of cut.

 The Alum Stone

 In preparation for an electric shave, you can run a wet alum stone over your beard, which will tighten the pores and straighten the hairs.  Dry with a towel, then brush with talcum powder to dry the skin and make the razor glide easier.  Well, you should not be in a hurry, but then you will have gathered the optimal conditions to shave well!  For those with particularly rough hair, the alternative to "electric razor special" shaving oil is a good option.


 No matter what type of razor you use, the process of shaving always causes attacks on the skin of the face.  If they are important with a manual razor (especially micro-cuts), they are much less with the electric one, but remain present.  This is why we recommend that you proceed in the same way as described above;  with the use of a classic aftershave and / or an alum stone to protect against redness and ingrown hairs.

After-shave embryolisse,  Shaving technique,  The Alum Stone, After-shave, Routine, The morning, The evening


 The morning

  •  Shower upon rising
  •  Cleaning of the skin using a soap or gel made from natural ingredients
  •  Passing an alum stone
  •  Shaving in the direction prescribed by its type of razor
  •  Application of your alum stone or application of your aftershave 
  •  do not forget the rest of the face with a classic moisturizer
  •  Use of a scrub on your face, rub gently and in circles (2 times a week)
  •  Use of a clay mask once a week.  Because it should generally be left applied for 10 minutes, opt for a weekend day

 The evening

  •  Cleanse the skin with a soap made from natural ingredients
  •  Moisturize the skin with a moisturizer that matches your skin type

 So much for all of our advice, drawn up according to the beauty routines of all editors, more or less bearded.  We do not forget that these are purely cosmetic treatments, the complexion can also be worked on in other ways: quality of life, sport, diet, but that's another story ...;)

 Do not hesitate to share with us your most effective actions and routines!You should also read


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